Robin Jackson Band with Moorea Masa at Mississippi Pizza – May 3rd

We’re excited for another great night of musical trouble making at our favorite Nopo venue! Breath in the blossoms, let’s get wasted on lilac wine and settle in for a soulful night of luscious soliloquies and good ole’ music makin w our friends!

Robin Jackson (Vagabond Opera/M4 Marching Band) and the SEXIEST BAND EVER are ready to rock it for you!

We will be sharing the night with the *spectacular* soul singer Moorea Masa (From Ruby Pines) and Flo Perlin(UK). Wow!


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My Show with the Shook Twins!

Thanks once again for such a great night last weekend…and thanks to the Shook Twins for being a part of the magic. Stay tuned for my next Portland show! 


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While checking your email – Remember to contemplate Death

“Remembering that you are going to die one day is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. Follow your heart.” – Steve Jobs Like many people around the world right now, I am utilizing the collective acknowledgement of a new year to re-asses my [...]

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Vagabond Opera: Friends for life!

Hi everybody! 

Um…so, yea…for all those avid readers who read my blog maybe you’ve noticed a small lull in my posts. My goal for this Rosh Hashana (Jewish new year) was to get my ass back on the blog wagon! And so here goes..

October always feels like New Years to me. The Jews have it right. It’s a time for introspection and going in to see what needs weeding in the garden of the soul. Summer ends and so do the festivals and parties and we go back into the flow of our “normal lives” with routines (good and bad) and  all of the inward paths that cold weather calls us to.

I personally love fall. It’s ALSO my anniversary of when I moved to Portland 11 years ago so it marks a special time for me as it’s ALSO when I joined and help form Vagabond Opera – my beloved band of cabaret wielding musical superbuddies! It’s been 11 long and strong years and not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for this musical family. 

I moved here in late September 2002 and was looking for something eclectic and edge pushing to get my musical teeth into. I wanted to play Klezmer music (Jewish Jazz) and a friend suggested I meet a friend of hers who had just started a small group that had Klez in their repetoire…soon after, I bumped into the man who lit the match to the project, Eric Stern.  And guess when we met!! HALLOWEEN!  I was on last Thursday, dressed as a giant oven mitten. Me and a group of friends went into Bellefaccia Pizza and Eric was singing his eeerie songs, wearing a bat hat and looking like an opera singing undertaker. 

We clicked right away and soon  embarked on a strange and magical adventure with our band through Romanian bordellos, Midwest opera houses, Brooklyn Gypsy after parties, Greek temples and our homely living room practice space. This band has been a huge part of my life and through playing with them I was able to actually make a decent living as a musician for many years  - a rare feat as a musician these days.

So cheers Vagabonds! I raise my glass to you! And once again celebrate another year of bringing our rich, humorous, eclectic and storybook cabaret to the stage of peoples’ hearts and minds. You have made me a better person in many ways and have danced with me, lifted me up, challenged me, held me in my darkest hours and always been there for me. I know you as friends, business partners, lovers (uh, sorta) and many more roles…May we continue to make people laugh, cry and dance till dawn. I hope to know you all when i’m old and grey!

Come Sing For Your Lives with us as we celebrate our 11 year anniversary with us at the annual Transylvanian Voodoo Ball! Our biggest show of the year! 

Friday, November 1st @ 8pm

With special guests Chervona (Russian Gypsies on rocket fuel!)

Tons of special guests, a costume contest and soooo much more! 




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How to stay loose in 2013

Wow – Feb already! Wtf?!   I’m overdue for a blog post as I haven’t written yet since last year! : ) Speaking of …..I began 2013 in one of the best ways possible  - dancing. Partner dancing to be exact. The countdown happend while I was twirling and spinning around the floor and I’m [...]

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