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Going out on his own

Multitalented Robin Jackson releases solo album


The Register-Guard

Published: September 28, 2012

The term singer-songwriter is rather simplistic when the artist at hand has mastered six instruments and can play many others.

But that is the best way to describe Robin Jackson’s work on his first solo album, even if iTunes calls it “pop.”

Many of you have seen Jackson perform as part of Vagabond Opera, which is back in town Oct. 6 at the WOW Hall. Previously, he was a member of the March Fourth Marching Band.

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Rockerilla Magazine – Italy

11/2012 – [Translated] “With multi-instrumentalist behind several collaborations (from Gogol Bordello to the Decemberists), Robin Jackson is one of the hidden gems of the inexhaustible mine of Portland indie-folk.

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Portland Willamette Week

06/2012 – [BEYOND THE QUIRK] Fans of Robin Jackson’s flashy bands Vagabond Opera and March Fourth Marching Band might be surprised at the straightforward intimacy of his folky debut solo album, Dust Diaries—but it’s definitely a pleasant surprise. His distinctive vocal style, somewhere between Phil Ochs and Rufus Wainwright, manages to be both warm and breezy….

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Oregon Music News – Feature, June 2012

Robin Jackson drops his first solo album, ‘Dust Diaries’ – release show June 8th

by  on June 6, 2012

On June 8th at The Secret Society Ballroom, puckish vaudevillian heartthrob Robin Jackson will celebrate the release of his new album, “Dust Diaries“.

“My friend Flora gave the album its title. I wanted a titled with the word dust in it. It’s a heartbreak album, I won’t lie; but a lot of my songs are about the bittersweet, good things that come out of hard transitions, whether it’s death or heartbreak or loss or leaving. I’m a storyteller, a lot of these songs are stories. It’s like a diary of stories that fall to dust, to be born again. So the title made me think of the stories we all have that fade to nothing, and just letting go.”

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Portland Monthly – CD review

June, 2012 – Sometimes it feels like ‘community’ is the most overused word in the Portland music scene, but you can’t escape the word when talking about the solo debut album of Portland singer-songwriter Robin Jackson. Long one of the more theatrical and visible musicians in MarchFourth Marching Band and Vagabond Opera, he’s typically played the role of the saxophone-touting carnival barker, ushering along the show with slapstick humor and madcap operatics. But he’s also well known for the long-running, monthly Songwriter Soiree, where a hundred-plus people—from amateurs to well-known musicians—crowd into his house for epic, acoustic open mics that go well into the morning. The only rules? Two songs, no covers.

Energized by these simple parameters and spurred by fellow songwriters, Jackson forced himself to write new songs each month, damping down the profuse cabaret excess of Vagabond Opera in favor of the intimate folk and gypsy jazz inflections of his youth, alongside alternating tinges of marching bands, chamber music, and even cowboy songs……

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