Vocal Workshops

SongworkshopBelovedYou can sing!!

And what’s more, your voice is an amazing tool for healing, connection and inspiring others and can lead you to truly life changing places….if you let it! 

Our culture puts SO much pressure on needing to sing like people on American Idol and it’s created a society of people who feel afraid of their voices or who don’t think their voices “fit in.”  In some cultures, saying you don’t sing is like saying you don’t breath. It’s your birthrightso just do it! 

Ask yourself….

Do you want more confidence in your singing voice?  

Do  you want to expand your voice in exciting and deeper ways? Such as range, tone and style? 

Do you want to learn how to improvise with your voice and how to jam with other people just like Bobby Mcferrin or Ella? 

Whether you are a professional singer, just beginning or only sing in the shower, this place is for YOU! 

Robin Jackson is a teacher, performer and community architect who has been teaching his breakthrough creative vocal workshops for ten years all over the country at events and festivals. He has toured the world with numerous music ensembles and was brought up on intentional communities in New Zealand and the Northwest where he learned the power of group singing. 


What happens in the workshops?!  

Robin offers several formats that are interchangeable. Workshops include:

Body awareness:
Get  into your  body, breath and heart using fun games, exercise and warm-ups as you step into the unknown and  delight in a musical world where anything is possible, all with joy and playfulness.

Eclectic repertoire:
Using call and response style songs, Robin gets the group singing together quickly to feel a musical connection without too much laboring. Music includes songs and rounds in english and from many traditions and cultures like Orisha songs from Brazil, South African harmonies, Balkan beats, Gospel chants and more.

Vocal Improvisation! 
This is where the real fun begins! Don’t think of yourself as a vocal improvisor? Think again. Improvising is something EVERYONE can do, no matter what your background. Learn how to use your voice in new ways and how to connect and create with others in a shared spontaneous music making! Robin utilizes a vast array of fun techniques and approaches including Bobby Mcferrin style circle singing and methodology from traditional theater and the Del’Arte Clown school to make a fun and engaging experience for everyone. 

• Build confidence in your voice and thus in yourself
• Expand your creativity and discover and expand your natural talent
• Learn some awesome new songs you can then share with others!
• Have fun!

Guaranteed to expand your confidence and your consciousness!