I believe that you are creative. And that you were born with your own unique way of expressing  yourself. I believe that by freeing up your voice, your words, your mind and your spirit, you will open up to yourself in new ways that will ripple out into your entire life and affect the lives of others.

I am here to support you, guide you and cheer you on as you explore, ignite and connect to the deepest part of yourself through play, music and community connection. Let’s do this!

You love to sing. Maybe you sing in your car or in the shower. You may have had experience in groups, or even on stage! Or maybe you really want to sing….and you’re terrified!

You know how amazing it feels to sing and experience the expansive, resonant sound of your voice. Perhaps it’s something you do a lot, or something you have only had a taste of, and you have a deep desire to sing with more confidence, freedom, and spontaneity.

The level of confidence and skill you have is unique to you.

Do you identify with any of the following? 

  • I love to sing in a group but would not be caught dead singing a solo
  • Opening my mouth in front of anyone? No way!
  • I feel confident as a singer when music is in front of me…but improvisation? What’s that?
  • I’m comfortable singing … to my cat

Free Your Voice, Free Your Soul is an online course I created for people like you who love to sing and also feel stuck in how to get to the next level. As you know, singing is such a joy. Yet, if you are like so many people, you may struggle to feel fully liberated in the true power of your voice. 

No matter where you are on the spectrum, if you want to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your voice — and your creative spirit — Free Your Voice, Free Your Soul is a course designed for you. This course is a highly experiential and transformational approach to singing I put together based on the idea that you are born creative, and that it is your birthright to use your voice for joy, for personal expression, and for connection to yourself, others and the divine. 

In every lesson we will be singing together in fun, playful and dynamic activities, as I help you unlock and gain more access to your own unique creative expression and confidence!

The overall goal of this course is to liberate your voice and thus liberate parts of yourself that hold you back from LIVING more fully! This course is not just a singing course – it is a journey of personal expansion that will leave you more confident, empowered, playful and at ease in your life and in your voice!

“Robin teaches in a way that is fun and engaging. His lessons ease you out of your comfort zone and empower you. The thought of singing in front of others used to terrify me. Robin’s course helped me unlock my confidence and push into my edge so I could sing more freely. You can truly tell that he is passionate about helping others free their voice!!”

— Carolyn Ann Baker

By taking this course, you will…

  • Create a new, expansive, confident and playful relationship with your voice 
  • Identify and release old beliefs and trauma that keep you from using your voice more fully
  • Learn how to improvise with your voice and jam with others
  • Develop a basic understanding of scales, rhythm, pitch and theory to support your singing 
  • Build more stability, resonance, tone and strength in your voice
  • Have sooooo much fun! 

The Course Elements

The basis of the course is centered around helping you to free up your voice using five main avenues

Cultivating presence in your body and breath

Identifying old beliefs and blocks that hold you back (and releasing them!)

Creating a strong foundation of singing techniques, warm ups and theory to support your voice

Learning Songs

Diving into vocal Improvisation!

The five elements are embodied in each module and threaded throughout the entire course content. These elements are where you are going to spend most of your time. I chose these to create a well rounded approach for freeing your voice. 

“One of Robin’s greatest strengths is his ability to create a psychologically safe space for learning, being authentic, feeling your feelings, taking risks… and harnessing all that to power your music.”

— Ann Marie Roepke

The Course Includes

15 engaging videos (over 6 hours)

20+ Highly experiential singing lessons

Creative prompts to learn from

Opportunities to ask questions directly

Downloadable meditations

Downloadable singing exercises

Access to a group of like-minded, spirited people from across the world…your new creative community!

Unlimited classroom access. Watch the videos and access the lessons as much as you like for life

A fun, uplifting and liberating approach to singing that’ll change the way you use your voice forever!

Downloadable handy reference guide

Course Modules

The course is offered in 3 potent modules, which can be taken individually or in full.

Each module is brimming with engaging videos, unique lessons, inspiring prompts, educational hand-outs and downloadable guides, music examples, access to a private Facebook support group, Q&A sessions with me, and deeply supportive and encouraging guidance from myself and a whole community of singers the whole way along! 

Module 1: Singing is Your Birthright

The voice is deeply connected to not only sound, but who you ARE.  It connects to your confidence, your self acceptance, your expression, and your ability to stand true in yourself and your place in the world. By freeing up your physical voice, you will often free up other emotional baggage or restrictions. 

The first module of this course is about exploring your relationship with your voice and identifying any possible blocks or fears you may have that inhibit you from being a badass singer.  We will employ fun, creative and dynamic vocal play to create a new relationship based on permission, joy, and embracing signing as your birthright!  You will learn some foundational vocal approaches to expand and open your voice, and learn how to use your whole body to support your singing. You will also create a clear intention for who you want to be as a singer and step into that! 

Module 2: Your Voice is an Instrument

Let’s sing! In no time at all, you’ll soon be letting those melodies rip out of you with confidence and ease. Module two takes you into the world of improvisation and vocal strengthening, while continuing to accept whatever comes out with curiosity. You will learn how to improvise over basic patterns and rhythmic structures and develop a basic understanding of scales, as well as tips and tricks for singing in tune. You will learn some baseline theory to support your understanding of the music. You will get weird, wacky, wild and learn how to let go and give yourself permission even more to sing. 

Module 3: Plan to Improvise

Building on Module 1 and 2, this module takes your journey with music into the form of conversation, as well as continuing to build on your own personal practice. Music is a language, and like any language, it is the words you say, and also how you say (or don’t say) them that matter. The lessons in this module will give you tools to have deeper and more meaningful conversations in music where you are truly communicating with others, yourself, and the divine.

In Module Three, You will take brave steps into using your voice as a spontaneous instrument and continue to learn activities that free up your voice with even more permission. You will learn the foundations of “Circle Singing” how to scat, how to use space and rhythm, and how to expand your internal repertoire so you have more to draw from when making sounds. Learn how to sing harmonies, how to strengthen your understanding of rhythmic framework and learn how to beat box! 

We’re still building out Module 3. Express your interest by signing up on our waiting list, and get a discount coupon for when it’s released.

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Your Investment

I so look forward to being your guide on this journey!

The Free Your Voice, Free Your Soul e-course is available
right now as an intro price for just $97 (normally $129) or the first two courses for only $179! (normally $250)

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Take advantage of this low price before it’s gone!

“Robin’s vocal workshops unlock my deepest and most playful love of music. They bring me to a place where I connect with myself, with the singers around me, and with the muse of song!”

— Travor Nagle

“I had a singing lesson with Robin Jackson. It was soooo fun! That lesson was a highlight of my life! Robin was all these things: patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and nice! I was nervous, since I’ve been told I have a terrible voice and am tone deaf — but Robin put me at ease and I relaxed right away. And he told me I wasn’t tone deaf, so that changes everything! Super great experience!”

— Lucinda Jackson

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