FREE 45 minute online workshop — with musician and vocal coach, Robin Jackson!

You want to SING with more confidence, more joy, and more ease!

Maybe you heard something negative about your voice years ago…and since then, you’ve never felt safe to sing out as you KNOW you can and love to do!

Maybe you sing with others, or just in your car when no one is around. Maybe you sing in groups, or even on stage. Or maybe you love to sing….and you’re terrified and can’t imagine opening your mouth in front of anyone.

Do you relate?

If you want to finally feel liberated, creative, and confident in your voice…you can! Anyone can learn to sing with ease and joy, and it all begins by learning how to open open, loosen and be curios about what’s going on inside.

In this FREE workshop, you will learn some effective ways to open up up your voice, be more confident, and have FUN being a creative, spontaneous human.

In just 30 minutes you will: 

  • Ignite and deepen your relationship with your voice and your creativity.
  • Make up your own music on the spot with others!
  • Become more comfortable with being heard.
  • Build confidence in your voice and in yourself.
  • Co-create a supportive group container of kindness, care and confidentiality, and support the safety everyone needs to sing, feel and be a human.
  • Learn how to use music and breathe work for your own healing
  • Have TONS of fun!

For all ages and abilities. No experience necessary. Classes are 100% suitable for anyone who loves singing.

Date and Time:
Duration: 45 minutes
Where: On Zoom (link provided after you register)

After you register, you will receive an email reminder AND be put in a drawing to win $50 off any of my online courses, retreats or products available on my website! (winner notified by email).

You will also be emailed a recording of the webinar in case you miss it.

You will need to download ZOOM to watch (it’s easy).

I will also be posting the ZOOM link on the event the day before for last minute sign ups!

An award-winning songwriter, teacher, and spirited impresario, Jackson has dedicated himself to creating connection through art and music. He is the founder of the Songwriter Soiree, The NW Songwriter Soiree Retreat, Director of the Joy Now music program, and has helped thousands of songwriters and musicians craft and develop great songs. He has recorded on over 100 records and performed and toured with intentionally known acts since he was old enough to hold an instrument.

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