Songwriter Soiree Sign Up List

We are back and in person at our new, amazing venue in the Village Ballroom in Portland, OR. If you wish to play a song at our next event, please fill out the form below.

We are still taking in person sign-ups on the day of the event. However signing up with this form will make it easier for us to prioritize your requests and get you on the list where you want!

Part of the Soiree ethos is inclusivity. That means we really work hard to get as many people up there as possible. That is why we offer a 6 hour event!

That said, we only have so much time in one night and not everyone will get to play when they desire. We encourage you to keep coming back, though, as the more you do, the better chance you’ll have to play when you want.

The list order won’t be announced until the time of the event. So make sure you come on time! (However If you put your preference to play later or “no pref” you’ll likely be after the break at 830pm).

This event is also a fundraiser to support songwriters in need to attend our events, with a special focus on BIPOC artists. Any portion of your door contribution over $15 will benefit our scholarship program. If you’d like to chip in a bit extra, you can do so here: DONATE. Thank you!

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