Hey there!

Here is a 45 Second clip of me singing improvisation on the spot – with myself! So you can see how much fun you can have making up music in the moment…and you don’t need to even do it with another person!

What do you think?! Do you want to learn how to do this?

This is something I teach people how to do in my online singing course Free Your Voice, Free Your Soul.

How to be more spontaneous, take risks, be funny, silly, weird and wild – all with your voice!

I guarantee that what you do with your VOICE will translate into who you are in your LIFE (more on that in the next email!) 

Let’s sing!

Robin Jackson

Ps. Learn how to build confidence in your voice (and in yourself) in my brand new course Free Your Voice Free Your Soul a highly experiential and transformational approach to singing.

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To the libration of your voice,


“When I crave serious play, the kind I learned at my 1st grade recess, I look to Robin Jackson for leadership, he will get you there!”

— Steve Deanda