You are creative, you love community and you want to find a way to connect to your soul’s calling.

I believe that you are creative. And that you were born with your own unique way of expressing  yourself. I believe that by freeing up your voice, your words, your mind and your spirit, you will open up to yourself in new ways that will ripple out into your entire life and affect the lives of others.

I am here to support you, guide you and cheer you on as you explore, ignite and connect to the deepest part of yourself through play, music and community connection. Let’s do this!

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Dark Stars

“Like his first album, Jackson is a storyteller. Dark Stars is full of layered instrumentation to accompany lyrical imagery. Songs follow many travels…It’s a collection fit for gypsy wanderers that find themselves on darkened dance floors.” – Eleven Magazine

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Listen to my single Roses and Gold