New Online Singing Course – Coming Soon!

You love to sing! Maybe you sing in a choir, or just in your car or in the shower. Maybe you sing in groups, or even on stage or at karaoke sometimes. Or maybe you love to sing….and you’re terrified and can’t imagine opening your mouth in front of anyone!

Can you relate to any of these?

I sure have in my life. And I meet sooo many people who do!

That’s why I am working on something SUPER amazing for you: A new online course calledFree Your Voice, Free Your Soul!

Free Your Voice, Free Your Soul
is a highly experiential and transformational approach to singing, based on the idea that you are born creative, and that it is your birthright to use your voice for joy, for personal expression, and for connection to yourself, to others and to the divine.

Liberate your voice and liberate parts of yourself that hold you back from LIVING more fully!

This singing course is a journey of personal expansion. Become more confident, empowered, playful and at ease in your life…. and in your voice!

Sign up in the form below to be the first to hear about this course and get a short taste of what the course is about! You’ll get in on the pre-sale and get the best price. I look forward to singing with you soon!

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