New album Silver Lining Coming Autumn, 2024!

Robin’s third studio album is a dedication to the silver lining of life’s challenges, and what we all can gain when we embark on our own hero’s journey.

Hits all steaming platforms this Autumn. 



New Single from album Back to Your Heart out now! 


All songs and lyrics written and composed by Robin Jackson. All songs registered with ASCAP. 
Produced by James Villa and Chet Lyster.

Robin Jackson – vocals, whistling and clarinet 
Chet Lyster – Electric and acoustic guitars and percussion 
Barra Brown – Drums and percussion
Micah Hummel – Drums and percussion
James Villa – Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, and percussion 
Joseph Berman – Electric guitars
Asher Fulero – Keyboards, organ, synth and piano
Michael Dougherty – Bass
Alexis Mahler – Violin, viola, and cello
Haley Johnsen – Vocals (Heart in my Hand)
Lewis Childs – Acoustic guitar
Dana Hersh – Flute and Harmonium

Produced and engineered by James Villa at Brizzleman Recording Studio and Groundswell Studios
Produced, engineered and mixed by Chet Lyster at  Portland, OR

Mastered by Jon Neufeld, Portland, OR
Photo credits and design by Jax Cruz Media

Darkness to Light: Robin Jackson’s song-driven search for the heart’s Silver Lining

Tender sentiment and raw truths dance in Robin Jackson’s vulnerable, masterful songs on his new solo release Silver Lining (RELEASE DATE, 2024). And there’s always a twist to move listeners from dark clouds to bright breakthroughs, as Robin spins pared-down tales into lush folk pop.

Called a “captivating song-crafter” by NPR, the Portland, OR-based singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist has a long history of using music and song to conjure other worlds and create lasting connections. For more than a decade with Vagabond Opera and MarchFourth!, he performed everywhere from Red Rocks to the World Cup, with everyone from Gogol Bordello and Amanda Palmer to The Polish Ambassador. More recently, Robin has focused on his own songwriting, honing his craft and considering what really makes a song work over the course of three solo records.

What he’s found when all’s said and done: songwriting is a hero’s journey. Songs–and the process of writing them–guide him through life’s roughest feelings to what lies beyond. “Songwriting for me is an arduous process,” he muses. “It’s a mountain to climb. It’s sifting through webs and caves, composting all the elements. The wind and gravity have to all line up for me to get inspired.”

Robin found inspiration for many of the tracks on Silver Lining in an experience that is both deeply personal and highly relatable: the end of a big romance and the painful soul searching that ensues. Yet these are songs for seekers, not tortured poets. “So much of my music is both melancholic and uplifting at the same time,” Robin reflects. “I can’t just write a sad song; there’s always a lesson, a moment of gratitude or acknowledgement of the journey, turning lead into gold. It’s happy and sad at the same time.” 

To evoke this bittersweet yet hopeful emotional world, Jackson uses a diverse, genre-spanning palette. He calls subtly on swaying Brazilian forro (“Same Tree,” inspired by the tree-rooted themes of The Overstory) and heartfelt Americana (“Since You Met Her”). He finds new approaches to powerful instruments, like the velvety, dry clarinet line on “Right Here Next to Me.” 

He also gathered his community, bringing together leading voices of the Portland scene he’s been a cornerstone of for decades. He tapped producer Chet Lyster (Lucinda Williams, the Jayhawks, The Eels), who helped Robin strike the right balance between these disparate influences and James Julian Villa, the Portland producer who’s defined the city’s recent folk-rock-pop sound. Robin also invited singer Haley Johnsen (Talbot Brothers, Big Wild) to join him for his first original duet, the moving “Heart in my Hand.”

Though Robin’s songs reflect an intimately personal journey, his work is rooted in connection. It evolved as he founded and guided a community of songwriters that aims to welcome all comers and allow them to embrace the craft–while supporting and encouraging each other. This community, The Songwriter Soiree, began as a casual monthly gathering but has blossomed into full-blown retreats and events. 

Watching other songwriters grow has urged Robin to explore new sides of his own art. Though he retains the giddy quirkiness of his earliest projects, his songs hit the heart of the matter with distilled urgency. “It’s been meaningful to be around people facing their fears and stepping up,” he says. “It’s helped me land in other places. I like expressing myself whimsically but I want to own how I feel. I’ve experimented with just trying to say it. I like painting with poetry but I also like just saying what’s going on.”

Ultimately, Robin wants people to feel the yearning and the brighter outlook just over the horizon that comes when we move through and learn from loving others. As we do, “It’s okay to wander around and feel a little down sometimes. Through those feelings you move to new places, you make space for the feelings so you can heal. That’s a big part of what songwriting is for me, that cathartic experience.”


Special thanks to Eric and Patrice Ratinof, Lucinda Jackson and Deborah Jackson for their generous support!

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